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Recent and Upcoming Events
Kenai Schutzhund Club

Two seminars, two trials planned for 2002.

Recent Events

A briefing of events will be posted soon after they are held

One of the many puppies in the club, Zena will be ready for the BH in the summer 2002.

Upcoming Events

The Kenai Schutzhund Club is planning two seminars and two trials this year.  Break-up  (the time of year when ice and snow starts to melt and winter gives way to spring) is usually far enough along in mid-April that we can start tracking.  By May, the obedience and protection field is dry enough for use.  Although we have been working in obedience and protection all winter on one of Anchorages many baseball fields; snow, ice and extreme cold temperatures have limited the amount of time available and skills that can be practiced. 


The club is planning a seminar for May 28, 2002 with Mark Chaffin.  Although the mosquitoes will be out in full force by then, we will need to be training in earnest in order to gain ground lost during the limited winter training schedule.  Mark is a national caliber helper who is also a talented teacher.  Club members are looking forward to working with him again this year. 


Jim Elder will be in Alaska from June 14-30, 2002 and will hold seminars for the Kenai Schutzhund Club on the weekends.  Jim is Vice President of the Schutzhund USA organization, and has been working towards becoming a judge.  He is an experienced handler, helper, and trainer and is quite popular among our club members for seminars. In between working dogs and handlers, Jim will be fishing, visiting family and enjoying the Land of the Midnight Sun. 


The first trial for the Kenai Schutzhund Club is scheduled on July 19-21, 2002.  The trial will include all available Schutzhund titles.  Our judge is Mike Hamilton, current President of Schutzhund USA and member of the Western Indiana Schutzhund and Police Club.  He can be reached at 1130 Shelton Rd. Martinsville IN 46151  (765) 349-1482. E-mail


The club's second trial is planned for August 23-25, 2002 and will include all available Schutzhund titles.  Our judge, Mark Przybylski, is the current Director of Judges for Schutzhund USA and member of the Mo-Kan SchH Association.  He can be reached at 6021 Gordon St. Joseph, MO 64504  (816)238-0508.  E-mail    


For trial results see our Trial Results page on this site.




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